It’s Time for New Ideas

Fight Against Failed Leadership

Failed leadership in Macon has held our city back from reaching its full potential. Now is the time to break these barriers.

As Mayor, Blake Will:

  • Bring sound and tested business practices into Macon’s government.
  • Tackle the hard problems, such as crime, blight, jobs, and education.
  • Keep taxes low, so you can keep more of your money.
  • Finally fix our pension problem.

No New Taxes

Macon can’t afford to elect a mayor who will sit back and collect more and more of your paycheck. Businesses and homeowners are leaving our city because of constant tax increases. As mayor, I will enforce the “Sullivan Rule.” There will be no property tax increases without voter approval. I will require that any millage rate or property valuation increase proposed by the County Commission MUST be approved by voters first.

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